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NeoStrata Skin Active

With NeoStrata’s new Skin Active Range, taking care of your skin is easier than ever.

With NeoStrata’s new Skin Active Range, taking care of your skin is easier than ever. It is effective, easy to use, contains all the most active ingredients in each product. For me to use skin care products they need to firstly be effective and secondly not be a hour mission every morning and evening to put on. I LIKE IT SIMPLE.
THIS RANGE IS SIMPLE: One wash, one cream for the night, one cream for the day, with an SPF in – a must for me as I hate layering products, and 2 simple specialized products: 1 for the eyes, and one booster product to really get that skin renewal working.

Neostrata Skin Active range is an advanced and comprehensive range of anti-ageing products. An anti-ageing system that targets all visible signs of ageing. The NeoStrata Skin Active range is made up of high-performance products, each formulated to deliver outstanding rejuvenating effects, including significant improvement in the appearance of deep wrinkles, crow’s feet, sagging and uneven pigmentation



NeoStrata Skin Active Exfoliating Wash is a lightly exfoliating cleansing wash to help stimulate cell renewal and prepare the skin for optimal treatment benefits. This is the perfect start to your treatment regimen
Skin Active Exfoliating Wash is formulated to stimulate cell renewal and this unique SynerG Formula 8.5 lightly exfoliates without over-drying to prepare the skin for maximum treatment benefits
Polyhydroxy acids, including Gluconolactone and Maltobionic acid, stimulate cell turnover and remove debris from pores, improving skin texture and clarity. Gluconolactone also acts as a metal chelator, trapping damaging oxidation promoting metals such as iron. Patented Maltobionic Acid leaves the skin feeling hydrated, while a botanical complex of aloe, chamomile, cucumber and rosemary extracts soothes and refreshes. The skin acid mantle is normalised and pH balance is restored
This soap-free foaming cleanser effectively removes oil and makeup and is suitable for all skin types

Product use:
An exfoliating wash to stimulate cell renewal

Recommended usage:
Apply to wet skin with a light massage. Use twice daily, morning and evening

Key ingredients:
SynerG Formula 8.5, Gluconolactone, Maltobionic Acid, aloe, chamomile, cucumber, and rosemary extracts



Skin Active Cellular Restoration is a powerful formulation designed to rejuvenate cellular turnover and strengthen the skin’s underlying matrix. If you’d like your skin to appear firmer, more lifted and vibrant, Cellular Restoration is highly recommended
Active Cellular Restoration is formulated to maintain skin’s essential cells and reduce oxidative damage for younger looking skin.
This potent SynerG Formula 15.0 takes a multi-mechanistic approach to skin restoration. It contains Apple Stem Cell Extract, which protects and helps maintain skin’s essential cells, helping to delay the effects of ageing. Peptides enhance collagen and reduce the appearance of deep wrinkles. Glycolic Acid is clinically proven to increase collagen and GAGs, plumping and filling the skin so that wrinkles are smoothed from the inside out. A powerful combination of the antioxidants Maltobionic acid and Gluconolactone helps stimulate and repair skin by chelating damaging oxidative metals and neutralising MMP enzymes to prevent the breakdown of collagen.
In addition, grape seed extract, a polyphenol antioxidant known for its anti-inflammatory properties, works with antioxidant extracts of pomegranate, blueberry, and acai to help protect against cell ageing from daily environmental stressors

Product use:
A potent formulation to rejuvenate and strengthen the skin cells

Recommended usage:
Apply every night after cleansing and all other treatment products, using a light massage

Key ingredients:
SynerG Formula 15.0, Apple Stem Cell Extract, Glycolic Acid, Peptides, Maltobionic Acid, Gluconolactone, Grape Seed extract, Pomegranate, Blueberry, and Acai



NeoStrata Skin Active Matrix Support SPF 30 combines three clinically proven technologies to strengthen and repair the skin’s structure. Give your skin the support it needs. Skin Active Matrix Support SPF 30 is an advanced SynerG Formula 8.0 for effective skin repair and strength
Peptides act as messengers to help increase the collagen. Patented NeoGlucosamine® works together with retinol to enhance plumpness and firmness, and to smooth wrinkles from the inside. NeoGlucosamine® also inhibits tyrosinase, a key enzyme in melanin production, reducing the appearance of skin discolouration like age spots. A potent antioxidant complex made up of pomegranate, vitamins A and E, and coffee Arabica berry helps to protect the matrix of the skin against further collagen damage and neutralises free radicals, allowing the skin to repair itself. UVA and UVB filters shield the skin from the damaging and ageing effects of exposure to the sun
This product is non-comedogenic and non-acnegenic

Product use:
For the strengthening and repair of the skin structure

Recommended usage:
Massage into cleansed skin of the face and neck daily in the morning. Can be used under make-up

Key ingredients:
SynerG Formula, NeoGlucosamine®, Peptides, and Retinol.



NeoStrata Skin Active Intensive Eye Therapy for noticeably younger looking eyes, this advanced formula works to build and plump the delicate skin around the eyes. If you’ve had enough of crow’s feet and puffiness, it’s time to do add this amazing eye cream to your regime.
Skin Active Intensive Eye Therapy with the unique SynerG Formula 6.0 employs a multi-mechanistic approach to building and plumping the skin with exceptional results
Apple Stem Cell Extract protects the longevity of skin’s own stem cells so that your skin behaves like younger skin. Peptides stimulate matrix components to produce more collagen, and together with patented NeoGlucosamine®, reinforce collagen’s surrounding support structure. The eye area appears more lifted, and crow’s feet are smoothed from the inside out. NeoGlucosamine® also inhibits a key enzyme in melanin formation, reducing the appearance of uneven pigmentation. Caffeine helps deflate puffiness under the eye, while Hyaluronic acid acts as a natural moisture magnet. Vitamin E provides antioxidant benefits
The use of this ophthalmologist-tested product results in noticeably younger looking eyes

Product use:
A unique formula to intensively care for the skin around the eyes

Recommended usage:
Apply gently around the eye once daily for the first two weeks and twice daily thereafter

Key ingredients:
SynerG Formula 6.0, Apple Stem Cell Extract, Peptides, NeoGlucosamine®, caffeine, Hyaluronic Acid, and vitamin E


Time-released micro-encapsulated retinol works to diminish the signs of ageing. Formulated to synergistically build skin’s matrix to lift and firm, diminish the appearance of age spots and smooth lines and wrinkles
TIP: You need to sometimes build a tollerance to Retionl, so start slowly and increase your usage. For the first week, apply twice a week at least three days apart. During weeks two and three, apply every other night as tolerated. Then, during week four, apply every night as tolerated. Wash off in the morning, apply a SPF 30+ daily
PATIENT PROFILE: Sagging skin, age spots
KEY BENEFIT: Synergistically builds skin matrix to lift and firm, diminish the appearance of age spots and smooth lines and wrinkles.
TECHNOLOGY: SynerG Formula, Retinol, NeoGlucosamine®


Transform skin with NeoStrata Skin Active Retinol + NAG Complex:
Address fine lines, wrinkles, dark spots and sagging skin with NeoStrata Skin Active Retinol + NAG Complex. This complex delivers 0.5% pure, stabilised retinol to minimise the signs of ageing. The treatment also contains patented NeoGlucosamine to enhance the volumising and firming effects of retinol. Its lightweight, serum-like formula can be worn alone or layered under a night cream. With continued use, this anti-ageing complex will help minimise the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, dark spots and sagging skin
Main Product Features:
Time-released microencapsulated retinol works to diminish the signs of ageing.
NeoGlucosamine helps build collagen and improve the skin’s surrounding support matrix
A Triple Stabilizing Complex maintains the freshness and efficacy of the product.
Airless, opaque pump-top tube package protects the product from air and light.
Improve signs of ageing with NeoStrata Skin Active Retinol + NAG Complex

My Personal Suggested Regimen:

  1. Wash morning and evening with Skin Active Exfoliating Cleanser.
  2. Apply Skin Active Matrix Support with SPF 30+ during the day.
  3. Apply Skin Active Intensive Eye Therapy in the morning and evening.
  4. Apply Skin Active Cellular Restoration as a night cream.
  5. Apply Skin Active Retinol + NAG Complex 2 -3 times a week at night