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Take some time and look in the mirror and look at the emotional message you are portraying: So often my clients tell me that they get told by people that ” I always look cross” “I always look sad” or “I always look angry” ” I always look tired” or a favourite ” I have […]

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Chemical Peels… Not so Scary After all.

As a Therapist/Aesthetician, one of the most common questions that i have been asked is “What is a chemical peel?”, followed up with the statement, “that sounds super scary”.  The terminology, “chemical peel”, sounds scary but if anything its far from it. It is my go to when it comes to correcting uneven skin tone, […]

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Medical Practice or Beauty Salon? What makes Nu Youth Medical Aesthetics different.

What makes Nu Medical Aesthetics different from a beauty salon or spa. What makes Nu Youth Medical Aesthetics  different from a beauty salon offering so called “medical aesthetics treatments ” or calling themselves “aesthetics clinics” The question needs to be asked, when you need a knee replacement do you go to the local beauty salon […]

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