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Chemical Skin Rejuvenation: Glycopeel

The First Global Anti-Aging Peeling without Social Eviction. Make your skin as good as new…

Glykopeel® is a dermatological peeling which visibly improves the skin’s appearance without side effects. The glykopeel® is a medical peel and the procedure is done in a medical centre.

It is specially adapted to treat wrinkles, loss of elasticity, lack of radiance, hyper-pigmentation, micro cystic acne and skin irregularities.

Filorga Glykopeel® is suitable for anyone at anytime and all skin types, even the most sensitive skin. It can be done all year round and not just in winter time. You can return to work and daily activities immediately without any recovery period needed.

7 major active ingredients:

  • A powerful exfoliant – glycolic acid
  • 2 depigmenting agents – kojic acid & bearberry
  • An anti-inflammatory and vascular protector – white mulberry
  • Vitamins A, C and E that re-enforce their power

Exfoliating: The exfoliating action is ensured with glycolic acid. It is a major exfoliant that diminishes the thickness of the hyperkeratotic stratum corneum (top layer of dead old skin) by diminishing the cohesion of corneocytes. (dead cells)

Stimulating: Because of the reduced size of its molecular structure, glycolic acid has a high transcutaneous penetration potential. Because it enters the skin easily it stimulates the fibroblasts and increases the synthesis of elastin and collagen and glycoaminoglycans, the cell that make you skin thicker, look younger and more radiant.

Depigmentating: Kojic acid & Bearberry extracts are powerful and safe ingredients that are capable of reducing the melanocytes – the cells that produce the brown discolouration and pigmentation on the skin surface. They work by inhibiting the molecule tyrosinase. The exclusive association of these 2 active ingredients ensures the best treatment of pigmentation problems.

Revitalizing: Filorga Glykopeel® peeling vitamins play an important role in protecting, restructuring and reactivating the skin.

Why do you need to exfoliate the skin after sun exposure?
Exfoliating the skin is necessary so as to aid the reconstruction of the epidermis, which should take place continually in order to have radiant skin. Glycolic acid allows you to carry out this action in a perfectly controlled manner.

What is a peeling?
There are 3 categories of peeling: Superficial (glycolic acid), Medium depth (TCA) and deep peeling (phenol). A glycolic acid peeling presents no risk; it exfoliates superficially and does not cause any social eviction. It is a dermatological peeling that is done by a doctor, who will use a solution with a ph lower than 2 and a glycolic acid of 50%. 70% or 70%Max.

Who is a glykopeel® suitable for?
A superficial peel is a comprehensive treatment that is ideal for everyone because it fights against imperfections, a dull complexion, dilated pores, pigmentation, wrinkles and Cutaneous ageing. The concentration and leave on time can be adapted to each person and their skin type.

Who cannot have a glykopeel®?
As for all peelings you are recommended not to use epilation or electrolysis products or any irritant substances in the week before the treatment. It is also not recommended if you have skin allergies and active facial herpes.

What is glycolic acid?
Glycolic acid is the smallest molecule of the AHA (alpha hydroxy acid) fruit acids. It is generally considered to be a chemical, but is a totally natural product that is very effective is stimulating cellular activity and so stimulating skin healing and rejuvenation. The glykopeel is acts essentially to purify, regenerate, revitalize and normalize your skins pigmentation levels.

How often and how many peels are needed?
For optimal results, a course of treatments of 5 – 7 sessions, spaced 8 – 10 days apart is recommended. Maintenance according to your skin type monthly. It is especially nice if the peel is accompanied by a treatment of facial mesotherapy, which will enhance the result and ensure a more radiant skin for longer. There are some highly recommended post peel specialized products you should ask the doctor about.