Dermaquest Acne Management Solutions

Dermaquest Acne Management Solutions:

Acne is the most common skin disorder treated globally. Although it is typically associated with the teen population, acne can affect those in their 20s, 30s, 40s, and beyond. Up to 80 percent of adolescents develop acne to some degree. It usually develops earlier in girls than in boys, but it affects boys more frequently and more severely. Acne can persist into mid-adulthood in some individuals and can even be present into late adulthood. Scarring affects 95% of acne sufferers to some degree. You can have peace of mind knowing that at Nu Youth Medical Aesthetics there is a full time doctor on the premises, who understand that acne is a medical condition and is there to assist and help with medical intervention as needed, and referal to a dermatologist in very severe cases.

Treatment cocktails for your Perfect Journey:

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Grade 1 acne affects all skin types—dry, normal, and oily. Most breakouts will occur in the perioral hormonal area, but they can occur anywhere. A few comedones may appear on oily skin. Home care will be appropriate to the skin type, plus preventive products such as PM or alternate PM Beta Hydroxy Cleanser or Rejuvaderm. DermaClear Spot Treatment also appropriate on inflamed areas.

Acne Grade 1

Occasional breakouts

About this program

3 Months Program, 1 treatment every 2 weeks.  3x Primary Pumpkin and 3x Power Pumpkin Resurfacer. This treatment will increase cellullar turnover, diminish inflamation and prevent acne breakouts while nourishing your skin with the very best ingredients!

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Grade 2 acne can be very frustrating, and those who suffer from it will typically have tried many regimens and over-the-counter products. Breakouts are mostly papules and pustules, some comedones on oily skin, and rarely, a cyst. If hormonally induced, this acne is very difficult to control, but if can be controlled with prevention and proper treatment. The DermaClear Mask is important in the home care regimen of this case.

Acne Grade 2

Always broken out somewhere

About this program

3 -6 Months Program, 1 treatment every 2-4 weeks.  2x 20% Salicylic Acid Resurfacer, 2x Primary Pumpkin Resurfacer + 1x 20% Salicylic Acid Resurfacer and 1x Power Pumpkin resurfacer. This treatment will deeply exfoliate your skin increasing cellular turnover, controlling inflamed pustules and redness associated with blemishes and preventing acne breakouts while nourishing your skin with the very best ingredients!

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Grade 3 acne needs aggressive treatment, such as Modified Jessner’s and Salicylic Acid Peel to reduced it to Grade 2 as quickly as possible. The key to success with Grade 3 acne cases is commitment to both home care regimen, including DermaClear Mask and other targeted products as well as professional care. Hydrating products are important for home care and during treatments, as treatment-induced dehydration can cause significant renewed acne activity.

Acne Grade 3

Broken out everywhere constantly

About this program

3- 6 month program, 3x treatments every 4 weeks and then 3x treatments every 2-4 weeks. 2x 2x Modified Jessner Peel, 1x Salicylic Acid Peel and  3x Power Pumpkin Resurfacer. This treatment is designed to effectively hamper stubborn breakouts including cysts, preventing razor bumps and diminishing pigmentation associated with acne and scaring. It is highly anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial.