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Take some time and look in the mirror and look at the emotional message you are portraying: So often my clients tell me that they get told by people that ” I always look cross” “I always look sad” or “I always look angry” ” I always look tired” or a favourite ” I have a resting bitch face” And for most of these clients they really don’t feel sad, or cross or angry or even “bitchy”, they are not even tired at all, yet they constantly portray those messages to their families, friends and the public. Negative emotional messages you portray can effect how people react and interact with you, and can effect your life.

Imagine if you went for a job interview as a receptionist and you were well qualified, yet because you “appear” to look angry the interviewer does not hire you because he/she thinks you don’t appear friendly and this will not be a great image to portray for his/her company. It seem so shallow that you would be over looked for a job you are essentially qualified for, but because you PORTRAY A NEGATIVE EMOTIONAL MESSAGE, someone else that looks a little more friendly got the job. Sometimes you just get so fed up of people constantly asking you if you are tired!!!! You actually start looking tired, angry , upset and bitchy all at the same time on purpose so they don’t even come near you.


So what is the answer to looking just a little less tired, a little less sad, a little less angry , a little more rested and a little less bitchy?

One of the easiest ways to alter the negative emotional messages to a positive emotional messages is to get some Botulinum Toxin A injections ( Trade names Botox or Dysport) For most people just a few strategically placed injections can make the world of difference to how you look – but more importantly the emotional message you portray, and the bonus is that you will alter the pace at which you age. The earlier you start the better: PREVENTION AND CONSISTENCY WILL PAY OFF BIG TIME IN THE LONG RUN.

I hear this a lot ” I like my lines and I want to age gracefully and I want to embrace my age” I totally respect that, but it is not usually the little lines and wrinkles or slight ageing or sagginess that makes clients appear old, or less youthful but rather that negative emotional messages that comes with ageing changes in the face, and Botulinum Toxin A injected at just the right spots in the right amount can change everything about you to a more youthful, positive looking person. Remember it is so important to understand that properly injected Botulinum toxin A will not leave you looking emotionless, frozen, fake and plastic, it will just relax harsh lines and enhance your natural beauty and youthfulness. I can be a total game changer if it is done properly.

My advise to you:

  • Choose your doctor wisely: Pick doctors with a lot of experience injecting Botulinum toxin A, and don’t be afraid to ask your doctor about their results and credentials.
  • A doctor who is truly passionate and invested in aesthetic medicine, and delivering a more positive emotional message, rather than just chasing lines and wrinkles will always be a good choice. It can’t be their hobby! it has to be their life.
  • This is your face we are talking about ! Don’t ever let non-medical people inject your face with Botulinum Toxin ever! no matter how easy YOU TUBE makes it look… the risks are enormous and safety should be your priority.
  • Start young: At age 30, small problems, require small solutions and then maintaining the result is so much easier.
  • All is not lost if you are a little older or a lot older, just start! there are amazing treatments that can be used in combination with Botulinum Toxin A to enhance your natural beauty and charm and have you looking more youthful, and portraying positive emotional messages.
  • If Botulinum Toxin is not for you .. that is also ok, again there are treatment options available your everyones needs, just ask your doctor,
  • Changing the negative emotional messages to positive emotional messages will not only have you looking more youthful and friendlier but boost your confidence more than you know. . click here for more information on Botulinum Toxin A