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  1. Phone, message us or email Nu Youth Medical Aesthetics in Southbroom and the stAFF will make an appointment for you.  We would love to help you through this process of doing aesthetic procedures.
  2. Do not stress if you don’t know what you need or what you want to do, come for an aesthetic consultation with Dr Maxine and she will spend loads of time assessing your face / body  and needs, so together you and Dr Maxine will come up with treatment options that are right for your individual needs.
  3. A consultation fee of R 650 is charged for a consultation with Dr Maxine. In most cases this consultation fee is deducted from your first treatment if you decide to proceed with a treatment on the day of consultation or  book it at a later stage.
  4. Please note that aesthetic procedures and consultation fees are NOT covered by medical aid or medical insurance. They are elective procedures, and your account needs to be settled at the end of a procedure in full. We accept cash and most card methods of payment.
  5. Dr Maxine will fully inform you about the intended procedures and will inform you about all the alternative treatments available to treat your concern. in a case where she cannot help you or thinks you need more specialist treatment, Dr Maxine will help you with a referral to an appropriate medical specialist.
  6. On arrival  for the first time at our medical practices you will need to complete a patient information sheet and  a medical questionnaire. You will also be asked to fill out quite a comprehensive patient evaluation form, this will help us to clearly understand what your needs are, and what skin health needs you have, this is so important so we can compile  a comprehensive treatment plan just for you. So for a first time appointment please arrive 15 minutes before your appointment to fill our the paper work.
  7. There may also be some forms to fill out that are important for informed consent for procedures.
  8. Please do not sign  any consent forms  until you have spoken to Dr Maxine, and feel that you have been well informed about your indented procedure.
  9. It is standard procedure to take photos in our practice, so we can have before and after photos on record. Please understand that all  patient information and phots are kept strictly confidential and doctor / patient confidentiality is extremely important in our practice. Your photos will never be shown to anyone else ever.
  10. In some cases, Dr Maxine will request to use your photos for educational purposes, and training sessions, but you will always be asked permission first. Sometime sections of phots are used for Social Media purposes again Dr Maxine will always get your permission first and you will be able to approve the photos first.  it is absolutely your right to refuse and we totally respect that.
  11. You will be issued with post procedure instruction and care upon completion of your procedure, this can be a in the form of hard copy or in a format to be sent to your phone or email.
  12. NuYouth Medical Aesthetics’s cell phone number will be given to you and you are encouraged to phone her at any time if you have any concerns or problems following a procedure.  In the event that Dr Maxine is busy in treatments and unable to answer her phone, Lienkie will give her the message promptly.


  1. To please understand that we work on an appointment basis, and if you are unable to make your appointment  please try phone reception to let them know within a reasonable time.  All appointments cancelled within 24 hours of your appointment or no-shows will be charged for. We sometimes have patients waiting for cancellations that we would like to assist.  Emergencies happen…. we understand so even a quick message to the Nu Youth Cell is also sufficient.
  2. We respect  that your time is valuable, so as far as possible we run on time with our appointments. In some very rare cases where Dr Maxine is  running a little late, Lienkie will prep you so long and offer you a little treatment, please let the staff know if you have limited time.
  3. If Dr Maxine is running very late, the staff will give you a courtesy call and inform you that she is running late, and make a later appointment or  reschedule the appointment for you if need be. Sometimes treatments may take longer than expected so we ask you to  please understand.
  4. We request that you do not consume alcohol on the night before or on the day of your treatment, as this may predispose you to excessive bleeding and bruising. For all the treatments that require injections.
  5. Please try stop all supplements 3 days before a treatment that involves injections, again they may predispose to a bit more bleeding and bruising.  Especially supplements that are high in OMEGA.
  6. Please always inform Dr Maxine of any changes in your medical condition between visits.
  7. Please understand that although we strive for excellence and amazing aesthetic outcomes, you may not always be happy with your aesthetics treatment outcome.  We STRONGLY encourage you to please contact Dr Maxine and inform her, she is more than happy  to do follow up appointments and try and correct the situation. Don’t sit around feeling unhappy… let us know so we can  help you and please  give us the opportunity to  fix it. We however request that you please contact us within 2 weeks. We will always make a 2 week follow-up appointment for new patients, just to check up on the procedure.
  8. Some procedures (only a few)  require  strict follow up, which means that  that you  may need to see Dr Maxine the next day, at one week and again at 2 weeks. No fees are charged for follow up appointments, they are part of the original treatment.
  9. We expect you to follow the given  post procedure instructions, this ensures that there are minimal complications and that the procedure has the desired outcome.
  10. We expect you to inform us immediately if you have any concerns following your procedure.  Complications and side effects can happen, BUT  Dr Maxine can always help,,, there is always something to be done, but she needs to know! Most side effects and complications are really easily sorted out, and if not Dr Maxine will do whatever it takes to rectify the problem, she will support you at all times.
  11. You can reasonably expect some bruising with certain procedures. Dr Maxine works very gently and with an extreme amount of care to try avoid any bruising…. but it happens! sometimes.  Dr Maxine will always inform you immediately if she has bruised you ( if it is visible at the time)  or if she suspects that you will bruise. We do everything in our power to minimise the bruising, by applying immediate compression to the area, applying ice as needed and supplying you with a cream that can help minimise the bruising.
  12. Some procedures are  a little more painful than other, but Dr Maxine always tries to make the procedure as painless as possible, she makes use of a good quality medical grade  numbing cream, as well as local  injected anaesthetic where possible. Dr Maxine has the ability to reassure you and talk you through most procedures with no problems and you will always  be made to feel safe.  Requesting a little help from Dr Michelle, in terms of an anti-anxiety medication if you are very nervous is welcome, Not all patients are candidates but we help you if we can. You are after all doing the procedure in a Medical Practice, that is equipped to handle any emergency and has emergency equipment immediately on hand at all times.
  13. Some house keeping issues: a)   Please do not ask Dr Maxine or Lienkie about what procedures and treatments other patients had, even if it is your best friend, you sister, your mom or your wife or husband we will NOT tell you. Please do not put us in that position in the first place. We will not discuss other patients and other patients treatments with you ever, just like we will never discuss you with another patient. IT IS NOT COOL.  b) Our medical practices are Medical Aesthetic Practices and therefore not suitable for young children, as far as possible, we respectfully request that  you please do not bring your small child / children along with you to a treatment appointment. c) Dr Maxine is a full time Medical Aesthetic doctor, practicing  full time aesthetic medicine and not general medicine, she is however still a qualified  medical doctor  (GP)  So on occasions you may request her to help you with a medical issue, unrelated to the aesthetic consultation or treatment  that requires her advise, an examination a medical opinion and a script, she is happy to assist you, but you will be charged a medical consultation fee R 650  over and above your aesthetic procedure fee. Dr Maxine will also charge you  R 250 for a script you request, if it is unrelated  to the aesthetic treatment. All scripts related to the aesthetic procedure are not charged.  d) Cell phones are more than welcome.
  14. Please inform Dr Maxine if you have a special function on, she needs to know! so she can make an informed decision about whether or not the timing for the procedure is correct. LADIES & GENTS:  Lip fillers 2 days before your wedding is a NO NO. Most procedures need a little time to settle, allow for at least 2 weeks recovery time for injection procedures, before a very import event or function.
  15. Some procedure however are amazing for a quick fix a day or 2 before a special event ! They will have you glowing and looking “Red Carpet” ready for anything. Please inquire about these treatment from our well informed staff.
  16. BUT mostly we expect you to have the most amazing experience at our medical aesthetic practices, we are super excited to assist you on this  journey to a more confident, more youthful you. We want you to love the process and feel excited about every single visit with us, we are extremely  committed to building  an awesome relationships with you, and for you to be as excited about aesthetic medicine as we are.
  17. Remember there is always something that can be done….there is a treatment for everyone…. the options are endless, we would love to tell you about them.


  1. ” CONSISTENCY PAYS OFF”   THE VALUE OF AESTHETIC PROCEDURES LIES IN THE FUTURE. Consistently doing small little procedures  over time reaps the most amazing rewards in the future. After all what better investment to make than in YOUR FACE & SKIN HEALTH?
  2. Don’t wait too long, Aesthetic Medicine is not just for the “old and wrinkly”, prevention is better than cure. Starting young with some small procedures consistently over time, will keep you looking amazing and slow down the ageing process,  I only have sons… but those that know me, know that I always say if I had daughters they would get “Baby Botox” at 20.  FYI – My sons ( 12y & 21y) are both getting regular procedures, like chemical peels, dermapen and light therapy, they use skin care products ( Medical Grade) and they have such an amazing understanding and appreciation for skin health. So it is not just for the GIRLS but the BOYS too.
  3. Aesthetic Medicine is not just about Botulinum Toxin & Fillers, there are tons of options available  at our medical aesthetic practices to keep your skin healthy and youthful and slow down the ageing process, JUST ASK US.