Hair Loss: Mesotherapy

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Mesotherapy for Alopecia / Hair Rejuvenation

The concept of hair rejuvenation mesotherapy is based on nourishing and stimulating the hair follicle to slow hair loss. Good indications for hair mesotherapy depends not only on age and sex, but also the type of alopecia (hair loss) and the stage of evolution. Mesotherapy will not necessarily be the miracle cure for hair loss, but it certainly slows down hair loss. Hair loss is subdivided into 2 groups: those that are scarring and those that are non-scarring. In scarring alopecia there is permanent damage to the hair follicles,  the result  is that the hair will never grow back. It is important to identify this pattern of hair loss early and prevent the permanent damage and slow  down  further hair loss. On the other hand,  non-scaring alopecia it is potentially reversible, but treatment is required to reverse the process that is causing the hair loss.

The major factors contributing to hair loss are: 

  • poor scalp circulation
  • nutritional deficiencies
  • increased dihydrotestoserone.

Mesotherapy can correct these problems, stimulating the body to naturally grow lost hair. The aim of mesotherapy for hair loss is:

  • To restore the micro-circulation – blood supply to the scalp.
  • Provide the nutrients that are needed for hair growth.
  • Slow the progress of follicle damage. Anti-oxidant, blocking the formation of free radicals.
  • To stimulate the Hair’s envirnoment with the needling effect.
  • To compliment other treatments.  (hair care, medication etc.)

The technique:

  • A specially selected cocktail or vitamins, minerals, vasodilators, nutrients and hormones are injected locally into the scalp, using the mesotherapy technique, multiple micro-injections into the “mesoderm” ( middle layer) of the skin.
  • The advantage of hair mesotherapy is that the the problem area is treated directly and locally for best results.
  • Generally the hair loss improves from 3 months. Regrowth will be seen at 3 months.
  • The younger the patient, the more significant the regrowth will be.

Ideal candidates for Hair Mesotherapy:

  • Male: Androgenic Alopecia, early stages.
  • Females: Androgenic Alopecia early stages. Post-Partum Effluvium – it enhances the regrowth of hair.

Frequency of treatments needed:

  • Weekly X 4 sessions.
  • Bi-weekly X 4 sessions
  • Then Monthly X 4
  • Then every 2nd month.

For home care maintenance booster use MD Hair Restoration System