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French Mesotherapy, brighter, healthier and glowing skin.

French Mesotherapy

Mesotherapy is an injection technique from France used in general medicine for a variety of medical conditions and no in the latest breakthrough in Aesthetic Medicine.Mesotherapy can be used for aesthetics treatments such as weight loss, cellulite reduction, body firming, facial and neck rejuvenation as well as hair growth. In facial and neck rejuvenation a formula of vitamins, anti oxidants and hyaluronic acid are injected under the skin to stimulate the cells, making them metabolically active and thus increasing collagen and elastin production and so leading to a smoother, more hydrated, brighter and less wrinkled appearance.

The amount of treatments needed depends on the reason for the mesotherapy and the desired result, but in general 3 – 15 visits are needed although results can be seen within 2 – 4 treatments. The aim of the NU YOUTH Medical Aesthetics is to offer painless result orientated mesotherapy treatments.  True mesotherapy is a medical procedure and thus all treatments are done by a medical doctor with specialized training in mesotherapy techniques.

Aesthetic and Anti-Aging Mesotherapy

Aesthetics anti-aging mesotherapy is a biological active treatment that globally targets the consequences of skin aging as well as its causes. The other advantage of the technique is that it can be combined with classical therapies like Botox, dermal fillers, skin peeling and laser. The mesotherapy treatment has no risks and is practically pain free which can be done at lunch time and requires no post procedure recovery time.

The technique used:
Multiple intra-dermal injections of very small quantities of a nutritive and revitalizing complex of 55
+ 1 active ingredients are injected along wrinkle lines over the face, décolleté and back of the hands.

Indications and treatment areas: It can be used for dull skin and loss of elasticity, loss of brightness, sagging skin, loss of tone, loss of suppleness and skin damage from sun exposure.
This anti-aging mesotherapy offers patients natural, progressive results, noticeable but not visible. The condition of the skin is progressively improved and the skin is more hydrated and toned and gets back its beautiful radiant glow. NCTF® is an anti-aging mesotherapy product composed of 55 + 1 active ingredients that enables poly revitalization and deep hydration of skin, and enhancing brightness, tone, elasticity and firmness. Its success resides in its composition.

The one active star: Hyaluronic Acid. Its hydroscopic potential to capture 30 times its size in volume and water to form polymers that hydrate and volumize the skin. It also repairs skin by action on cellular proliferation and regulation of microcirculation.

Couples with the unique polyrevitalizing cocktail:
Its hydroscopic potential to capture 30 times its size of volume and water to form polymers that hydrate and volumize the skin. Hydroscopic action by fixation of large quantities of water through creation of hydrogen and water molecule bonds. It also repairs skin by action on cellular proliferation and regulation of skin microcirculation. Hyaluronic acid is an indispensable element for visco-elastic balance of the epidermis and dermis. Coupled with a unique polyrevitalizing cocktail:

  • 14 Vitamins – (A, B, C, E.) Stimulates the vital functions of the cells.
  • 24 Amino Acids – Important for the construction of proteins elastin and collagen.
  • 6 Coenzymes – Catalyses biochemical reactions in the tissue.
  • 5 Nucleic Acids – Activates the cellular communication.
  • 2 Anti-oxidants – Reduces the synthesis of free radicals.