IV Infusion Therapy: “Vitamin Drip”

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What is IV infusion Therapy?

IV infusion therapy is a method of feeding high doses of vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants directly into the blood stream to correct intracellular nutrient deficiencies.  They are often referred to as IV ( intravenous) “vitamin cocktails”

If you are feeling a little drained and could do with a little energy boost, this is the treatment for you.
At Nu Youth we believe that wellness from the inside always improves the outcome of aesthetic treatments and training / exercise , not to mention the benefits of directly replacing cellular nutrients.

Benefits of Vitamin Drips:
• Most efficient delivery of vital nutrients for maximum effect.

• Prevention to maximise health and wellness.
• Relieves stress, improves sleep and slows effects of ageing.
• Overall sense of wellbeing and improved mood.

Who would benefit from a vitamin drip ?
• Anyone needing an energy boost.
• Sportsmen and Women. Those training for events, and in the recovery period.
• Those who feel they could boost their immune system.
• Those who have been “partying” a little too much.
• Those that would just like to improve their overall wellness.

What can you expect to find in a vitamin drip and how does this benefit you?

  • Vitamin B group of vitamins: Vitamin B is particularly good at decreasing stress levels and have a calming effect. The B group of vitamins is also responsible for the energy boost.
  • Mega doses of Vitamin C: – is a wonderful and powerful anti-oxidant and wards off bacterial an viral infections and so not only keeps the immune system healthy but improves it. Vitamin C is also essential for cellular repair.
  • Magnesium: – is a vitally important mineral found in almost every cell in the body and forms part of enzymes that are responsible for creating energy, maintaining heart and muscle tissue. Magnesium is essential for the proper formation of bones and teeth, relaxing blood vessels and so preventing heart disease and high blood pressure and regulating blood sugar levels.
  • Glutathione: – is an extremely effective anti-oxidant, and plays an essential role in liver detoxification. It binds to “free radicals” and helps to eliminate them. It also has a positive effect on the neurological system.

So book for your energy drip today, come put your feet up and relax for an hour while we replenish your nutrients.
Contains: Vitamins, Minerals, Amino Acids, Anti-Oxidants, and Medication that increases oxygen delivery to tissue.
You can have 1 treatment every 2 weeks X 4, then monthly X 4 and then every 2 -3 months as needed. From  R950 / treatment.

Done by Dr Maxine Hainsworth