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Medical Practice or Beauty Salon? What makes Nu Youth Medical Aesthetics different.

What makes Nu Medical Aesthetics different from a beauty salon or spa.

What makes Nu Youth Medical Aesthetics  different from a beauty salon offering so called “medical aesthetics treatments ” or calling themselves “aesthetics clinics”

The question needs to be asked, when you need a knee replacement do you go to the local beauty salon in the mall or do you go to a medial hospital and get treated by a Orthopaedic Specialist? Why  then should your skin be any different?  It is after all an organ, and a precious one at that. Anything being infused,  put on the skin of your face or body, whether by injection, laser,  micro-needling or by brushing it on, comes with a very real risk of complications and unwanted aesthetics outcomes, so why not just go to a proper medical practice?  This is your body and face we are talking about.  Nothing could be more important than your face and body skin.

Since when did it become acceptable or even normal to have medical aesthetics treatments done at a beauty salon, hairdresser or spa? Oh and  lets  not forget the local beach wear shop down the road, where a thing like privacy. a hand washing station or just a waiting room is non-existent … but not to stress, you can just wait at the gin bar across the passage and have drink while you wait your turn to be injected with one of the most  dangerous toxins in the world. Medical aesthetics treatments are just that.. medical, so this is just the start of many good reasons why you should seriously think twice before going to a beauty salon to do a medical procedure. Practicing medicine in salons, Spas or hairdressing salons does nothing to advance the safety, credibility and standards of aesthetic medicine.

Think about  a so called “simple  laser hair removal procedure”  it  can be one of the most dangerous treatments you will ever do! If the machine  burns you  the scaring can be there for life, and can lead to real long term  complications. No complication is 100% avoidable but the difference is not so much the complication but how the compilation is handled in a beauty salon vs at a medical practice, and a medically educated doctor on site all the time is so much more capable of handling a complications quickly and efficiently than a beauty salon manger or therapist, worst of all they might not even recognise the potential complications that can develop later. Quick effective intervention remains the cornerstone to solving any  problem.

At Nu Youyh Medical Aesthetics the doctor is  available on site full time and more importantly available at all time to assist with emergencies. The products used in the practice are not available at beauty salons,  ( for good reason) as they are medical grade pharmaceutical products. All our chemical peels are medical grade peels, that are only the best quality and not available or sold to any beauty salons, again for good reason. Does the local beauty salon owner know how the  medication you are taking  effects your chemical peel ph? and the outcome of that chemical peel?  Do they even ask or care? Our equipment is medical grade equipment and can only be owned and offered in a registered medical facility.  When it comes to medical devices, like laser machines and body contouring machines, they are exactly that MEDICAL DEVISES. We also have department of health certificates to indicate that the equipment being operated is adhering to strict safety standards.

We have proper medical insurance and are registered with statutory bodies and associations that hold us accountable for our actions. We have emergency medical protocols  & equipment in place and our facilities are  able to cope with any medical emergency, such as an allergic reaction.“The doctor is  available on site full time and more importantly available at all time to assist with emergencies.  Just as would be expected in any medical practice you attend.

Doctors that “visit” a beauty salon now and then or once a month is also completely unacceptable, a “dr” endorsing a spa or beauty salon, still does not make it a medical facility and the question needs to be asked why are they not just practicing in their own medical practices ? What drives them to practice medicine  in beauty salons?  It must be financial gain… or else they don’t have any aesthetics patients, so they are going to salons to gain experience and patients…  what else?  Your safety & best interests are certainly  not their top priority or motivation. Further more  doing  medical aesthetics procedures is probably just a kind of ” once a month hobby”  for them. Serious Aesthetics doctors, with a full understanding of HPCSA rules and regulations with certified training in post graduate medical aesthetics will not be practicing medicine like this. 

The same doctor would never ever think about offering to see your sick child at the beauty salon,  he or she would think you were crazy if you  even asked, yet he or she is very happy to inject a filler into your face  that may potentially cause permanent blindness, without blinking an eye. The only explanation is that they are totally ignorant, driven by financial gain or just totally stupid.

Doctors that own their own practices  and woking in them are not paying some beauty salon “commission” for treatments done at the salon, which the HPCSA  totally prohibited.  This is unethical and not allowed. Treatments being done under these circumstances are for financial gain and not for your best interests.  It takes a good medical education, not beauty therapy training or manger  training to determine if each and every client is a good candidate for treatments, every person entering our practice for treatments first gets assessed  by our doctor, and each  medical history is reviewed by the doctor.  Even for the lightest peel, laser hair removal, dermapen and facial peel treatments. This means  your safety and health always remains our top priority.  You will also be informed of ALL the options available for your concern you want to treat, so you can make an informed decision about what you want to do. Even if we don’t offer the treatment we will still inform you about alternatives and refer you to an appropriate specialist or facility if we can’t help.

We maintain strict medical files as in any medical practice and all the file information and details are stored privately and kept confidential.  At the end of the day it comes down to professionalisms and accountability, as doctors we are accountable to ever person that comes through our doors and we take that very seriously, we have a personal interest in you and your anti-ageing process, as well and your health and safety.  As doctors with extensive post graduate education in aesthetics and anti-ageing medicine, we should honestly be your only choice of treatment facility when it comes to your skin and aesthetics treatments. 

Avoid the risky business of doing treatments in non-medical facilities like beauty salons and spa’s, the risks are just not worth it at the end of the day.  Make wise informed decisions and keep the medicine in the medical practices. 

For more information contact us at 1 of our 2 medical aesthetics practices in Ballito 032 648 0048, or Southbroom 039 316 6100 

Nu Youth Medical Aesthetics, welcome  to a “Nu Age “ of confidence.