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Nu Youth Face: #Because.we 💙 being timeless

.The timeless treatments are all injectable treatments done by our doctor that help with relaxation, repositioning, revitalisation and restoration of facial tissue and skin. Ageing should be natural, but at Nu Youth we are here to help you to make that ageing process timeless, keep you looking youthful and relaxed and best of all keep you feeling confident. Negative emotional messages you portray can be subtly changed to more positive messages with a few strategically placed injections. Let us help you with a “Nu” Age of Expressive Confidence.

Botulinum Toxin A Injections: (Trade names Dysport & Botox)
R80 / UNIT. Average units per area 20 for women, 36 for men.
Soft Tissue Fillers:
R 3500 per syringe, R 6500 X 2 syringes, R 9000 X 3 syringes
Lip Fillers / Lip Augmentation:
R 3500 for 1 syringe. R 6500 X 2 syringes . Lip gloss effect R 2000
Tissue Stimulators
Ellanse – R 4000 / syringe R 7500 X 2 syringes Skin Boosters
R 3200 / area ( face) R 6000 for 2 areas R 8400 for 3 areas
Silhouette Soft Thread Lift
R 13 500 for face 3 threads per side. Can be done in neck as well.
PDO / PLA threads
R 250 – R1200 per thread depending on threads used.
Liquid face lift
R 30 000 4 sessions radio-frequency skin tightening full face 4 syringes filler, 56 units Botox , TCA Skin Peel and home care anti-ageing kit. (The skin tightening treatmets are done first- 1 / week, followed by the rest.)

Nu Youth Face: #Because.we 💙 skin tightening.

BTL EXILIS ULTRA is the first noninvasive aesthetic device to simultaneously deliver ultrasound and radio frequency (RF) energies for tightening through wrinkle reduction, skin rejuvenation. By combining energies, the therapeutic treatment temperature is reached faster than treating with either modality alone.  Patients enjoy ultra-safe, ultra-comfort and ultra-consistent results. Stimulates skin cells to produce your own collagen, reduce wrinkles and improve skin texture. The benefits of stimulating your own collagen is that there is no risk of allergy, immune reaction or injections. Therefore, even in your 20s or 30s you can be proactively rebuilding your collagen & elastin fibres and epidermis tissue prior to wrinkles setting in. While older clients can repair skin damage and deeper wrinkles leaving you looking and feeling younger and glowing. These treatments are done by our doctor or our expertly trained Exilis Ultra technicians.

Forehead and eyes:
R 1280 / session every 7-10 days. 4-6 treatments.
Midface and jowls (cheek area)
R 1920 / Session every 7 – 10 days. 4- 6 treatments
Jowls and upper neck :
R 1920 / session every 7 – 10 days. 4 -6 treatments.
Peri-Oral Area (around the mouth)
R 850 / session every 7-10 days. 4-6 treatments needed.
Double treatment in the mouth area. R 1380. / session. Jowls, Upper and Lower Neck:
R 2880 / session every 7-10 days. 4 – 6 treatments.
Full face:
R 2800 / session every 7 – 10 days. 4 – 6 treatments.
Full face and full neck
R 3500/ session every 7-10 days. 4 – 6 treatments .
R 2880 / session every 7 – 10 days. 4-6 treatments.

❊ Please allow for at least 1 hour for a treatment / bigger areas 1&1/2 hours

Nu Youth Skin #because.we 💙 looking.flawless

Medical grade chemical peels are dermatological peeling which visibly improve the skin’s appearance. It is specially adapted to treat wrinkles, loss of elasticity, lack of radiance, hyper-pigmentation, micro-cystic acne and skin irregularities. At Nu Youth we have peels that are suitable for anyone at anytime and all skin types, even the most sensitive skin. We have different levels of peels, that require no to a few days downtime. Since Nu Youth is a medical practice, Dr owned with a Dr on site full time, you can be assured that you safety is always a priority. Dr Michelle has more than 14 years experience with chemical peels & dermapen and has trained her staff to be equally as efficient. Most peels and dermapen treatments are done by the Nu Youth therapists, but all deep peels are done by Dr Michelle. It is advised to consistently do lighter peels more often and 1-2 deeper peels in the winter months to maintain a flawless glowing skin. We love resurfacing treatments.

Superficial chemical resurfacing peels
R 550 for all superficial peel. K-Surgery, NeoStrata, Simildiet, Easy Phytic
Glycolic, Mandelic, Ferulic, Salicylic, Citric Acid & Milk Peel. Can be done by our junior and senior therapists. Teenager peel treatments: R 450 Selected Peels for specific teenager concerns are used, from mild clogged pores to mild acne or just general skin health care. Done by the therapists. Add a back or chest peel for R 100. ***Dr Michelle will always review all teenagers who have acne to determine if the grade of acne is treatable with only peels. If medical intervention is needed you will be referred to you regular GP for further medication, if however Dr Westcott does that medical consultation and addition R 550 will be charged for a medical consultation and a script if needed. Not contracted into medical aids so the consult will have to be paid cash. (you can claim back from your medical aid)
Medium depth chemical resurfacing peels
R 850 – R 1200 / peel. Retinol, DermaQuest Resurfacers. ZO-Skin Stimulator peel treatment. Can be done by our junior and senior therapists
Medium – deep chemical resurfacing peels
R 1700. All TCA peels: Cosmo Peel Easy TCA, TCA- Plus + post peel cream. done by either Dr Westcott or our Senior therapist.
Deep chemical peeling system
R 15 000, Cosmo Peel Forte / Skin Tech Very Light Phen . + Products. (there are essential pre-peel products for 2 weeks and post peel products for 1 month.) Only done by Dr Westcott. Dermapen 4 / Micro-needling Resurfacing
R 1650 (Face, neck & chest) All with a post treatment serum application of your choice. Anti-ageing, Pigment Control, or Acne & Masque. Done with authentic original medical DERMAPEN 4. Dermapen can be done by our junior and senior therapists. Gold-Pen Micro-needling Resurfacing. R 1200 for face and R 1500 for face, neck and chest. Micro-needling done with our Gold-Pen Devise, an automatic micro-needling devise of exceptional quality. The treatment is done with with HA Serum. ( Add a masque for R 100)
Pixel-Peel R 2500 Dermapen / Gold Pen with a TCA peel in the same session (face only) Done by Dr Westcott or a senior therapist under supervision.
Nu Youth Signature Facial Treatment
R 1450 Our signature pamper & peel treatment. Includes a peel, facial massage, cryotherapy and light therapy . Done by therapists. Currently only in Southbroom practice. We have other options in Ballito that also involve a pamper.
Photo-Dynamic Therapy (PDT) 30 minutes
R 350 / session. Book and pay for 6 treatments R 1500. Great for anti-ageing, acne, and anti-oxidation. (Can do a combination of lights) Add on Photo-Dynamic Therapy after any peel for R 200 – 20 minutes

Nu Youth Skin: #because.we 💙

Mesotherapy is an injection technique from France used in aesthetic medicine for treatments such as weight loss, cellulite reduction, body firming, facial and neck rejuvenation as well as hair growth. In facial and neck rejuvenation a formula of vitamins, anti oxidants and hyaluronic acid are injected under the skin to stimulate the cells, making them metabolically active and thus increasing collagen and elastin production and less wrinkled appearance, True mesotherapy is a medical procedure and thus all treatments are done by Dr Michelle who has a masters diploma in mesotherapy techniques. You can combine your mesotherapy with a peel to give that extra glow and radiance. Newer techniques combine mesotherapy cocktails with some botulinum toxin A to give an advanced anti-ageing treatment that allows for a flawless texture. Skin boosters are very similar to mesotherapy, but the mixture used is a little thicker – more like a filler, because fo the quantity and cross linking of hyaluronic acid, plus all “the good stuff”

French Mesotherapy for Face, Neck & Chest with NCTF HA 135
R 1950. A mixture of hyaluronic acid, minerals, vitamins, amino acids, anti-oxidants & anti-pigment ingredients injected/ micro-needled into the area. Can be done by therapists with a dermapen or injected with mesotherapy techniques – Done by Dr Michelle
Meso-Peel Treatment for Face and Neck:
R 2250. A chemical peel followed by French Mesotherapy as above. This can only be done with injection technique – Dr Westcott
Meso-Toxin: for Face & Neck: “Mesotox glow”
R 4350. French Mesotherapy & 40 units of toxin (trade name Botox or Dysport) infused with a micro-needle to give a flawless , glowing skin. Dr Only Skinboosters and toxin “ Mega Skin Hydraglow”
R 5800 Skinbooster (Restalyne Vital or Redensity 1) , combined with Toxin 40 units infused as micro-injections for face and neck using Vital Injector. Dr Only
Intensive Restoration with Redensity 1 – 3mls
R 4500: 3ml Redensity 1 (fine filler ) infused into skin of face with Dermapen / micro-injections using Derma-jet / Mesotherapy. Can be done by senior therapist with dermapen, Dermajet and Mestherapy injections done only by Dr Michelle. PRP Dermapen / Mesotherapy ( Vampire Facial Treatment) R 3600 Platelet Rich Plasma infused into skin with Dermapen / or micro-injections – mesothrapy. Can be done by senior therapist – under supervision of doctor with the dermapen, ( Dr Michelle will always draw the blood) Mesotherpay or Dermajet technique only done by Dr Michelle

Nu Youth Body: #Because.we 💙 looking.refined.

Botulinum Toxin  treatment helps control the symptoms of severe underarm sweating, by temporarily blocking the chemical signals from the nerves that stimulate the sweat glands. The sweat glands do not receive the chemical signal and the severe sweating stops. The Botulinum toxin injections are expected to temporarily stop the production of excessive sweat in the treated area only. Sweat continues to be produced elsewhere.
Combating the ageing hand syndrome takes more than hand cream (though that simple step does make a difference).  Volume Replacement: Hand rejuvenation with dermal fillers give the hands a fresher, youthful appearance by volumizing the skin, minimising wrinkles and hiding the prominent veins.

Hyperhydrosis (excessive sweating)
R 6500 for underarms: 250 units Dysport injected into the areas of excessive sweating under arms (can do palms a well) Usually needed once a year.
Hand rejuvenation:
R 3200 / session skinboosters for hands ( ideal need 3 sessions) hydrates
R 6500 for 2 HA fillers 1 syringe / hand For mild anti-ageing
R 10 000 for 4 HA fillers: 2 / side For moderate ageing hands
R 13 200 for 4 fillers and 1 skin booster (intensive anti-ageing for hands)
R 7500 for Ellanse – tissue stimulators in hands ( syringe / side)

Skin Lesions / skin tags removal by Dr Michelle
R 245 1 lesion, R 295 -2, R 345 – 3, R 395 – 4, R 445 – 5. > 10 is set at a fixed fee please consult us for a quote. If a consultation is needed for screening of whole body for suspicious lesions an additional R 550 will be charged over and above the lesion removal for a medical consultation. Hair Mesotherapy (for hair loss)
R 1200/ treatment with Hairzone meostheapy mixture ( 8-10 treatments needed ever 2-4 week) injected with derma-jet or mesotherapy technique (Dr) or dermapen microneeling ( Senior therapist)
PRP Mesotherapy for Hair Rejuvenation
R 2600 / session. Need 6 sessions 1 month apart. Best done in combination with thymuskin serum and Trichotin supplements. Done with dermapen by the senior therapists, Injected mesotherapy technique or Dermajet: Dr Michelle. ( Dr Westcott will always draw the the blood) Lipolytic Mesotherapy (localized fat injections)
R 495 / vial. Use anything from 1 vial to 10 vials per session, Ideal for those stubborn pockets of fat that don’t respond to exercise or diet. Best for patients within 4-8 kg. of ideal weight. Need 6 treatments 2- 4 weeks apart. **Best combine with a BTL Lymphy drainage massage at the beginning and the end of treatment program. Add on R 250. ( Else R200 / session if you book and pay for 10 sessions) You can also add on a session of X-wave after each or some of your injection sessions – helps with skin tightening / toning and cellulite reduction. Add R 500 to the session.
Mesotherapy for Cellulite :
R 495 / vial – usually need 1 vial for small area -2 for bigger areas. A specially formulated cocktail to combat cellulite and improve blood flow to the area is injected into the problematic skin By Dr Michelle. . Best results are achieved with 8 sessions, combined with X-wave – ADD on X-wave for R 500 standard area ( R750 for bigger or 2 areas) and 1 session lymph drainage massage at start of 8 treatments and 1 at end of 8 treatments – Add on R 250. ( or book and pay for 8 sessions R 200/ session)

Nu Youth Body #because.we 💙 sculpted.bodies.

BTL Exilis is used to remove resistant pockets of fat using a powerful combination of radio frequency and ultrasound. Ideal for body contouring and slimming with skin tightening. With constant visual temperature monitoring your therapist will achieve optimum results.
4-6 weekly sessions needed Each session for the body is best followed by a 30 min lymph drainage massage at an additional cost of R 150
Pricing varies based on body assessment, we do not charge a consult for an assessment.

The BTL X-wave uses a unique acoustic shock wave to break down hardened fibrous tissue. New collagen is stimulated during this treatment leaving you with smooth toned skin. A minimum of 8 sessions needed. Each session is best followed by a 30 min lymph drainage massage at an additional cost of R 150. Minimum of 8 sessions required

The BTL Lymphatic drainage suit uses air pockets to gently massage the legs and abdomen, releasing toxins accumulated in the tissue. A 30 minute session after all slimming and cellulite treatments enhances your treatments. Can be done on its own for tired and swollen legs or just for a relaxing leg and foot massage.

Exilis ultra body contouring & Slimming: ( 6 treatments once weekly)
R 1300 for double chin reduction
R 780 per small area – eg love handles / bra rolls
R 780 for a small stomach
R 1140 for larger stomach
R 1140 inner thighs area down to knee
R 1300 for back upper things, lower buttocks roll.
R 780 for arms

BTL X-wave – treatment for cellulite: (need 8 treatments – twice a week)
R 500 buttocks or front things or back thighs / session
R 750 for front thighs and back thighs R 750 for back of thighs and buttocks
R 950 for buttocks, front thighs and back thighs.

Body contouring / slimming / toning packages are available that include exilis contouring / slimming, skin tightening, x-wave and lymph drainage.
Please Inquire about our packages . Also book and pay for 5 treatments of the same kind and for the same area and get 6th session free

Nu Youth Intimate #Because.we 💙 celebrating.females

Gynaecological rejuvenation is a special part of our practice. Helping women with intimate issues is something we feel passionate about. We have a variety of treatments on offer to help with vaginal laxity, labial skin tightening, vaginal rejuvenation, sexual dysfunction and uncomplicated urinary incontinence. BTL Ultra Femme is a vaginal rejuvenation devise using radio frequency and ultrasound technology. Labial Filling to reshape the external genitalia using fillers and PRP. PRP into to the G-spot and clitoral area for sexual enhancement. Emsella is our Pelvic Floor Tightening through electromagnetic wave therapy, this unique chair helps treat urinary incontinence, it is a completely painless procedure that you can do it fully clothed. 6 treatments needed 2 times a week. We can assist with PAP smears for our patients who undergo treatments. It is essential that all female patients undergoing any gynaecological treatments have a PAP smear result no older than 1 year.

Vaginal Rejuvenation with BTL Ultra Femme 360
R 4000 / treatment. 3 treatments needed 7- 10 days apart. Treatment involves treating the vaginal canal as well as the outer labial area. Takes about 40min
BTL Emsella Pelvic Floor Muscle Tightening for uncomplicated urinary incontinence or sexual stimulation training.
R 1500 / treatment. Twice a week for 6 treatments. Package of 5 +1 free
Labial HA Filler
R 6500 1 syringe per side. PRP: Rejuvenation Vagina and External area
R 4800 – includes PRP into the g-spot and o-spot (orgasmic)
G-spot HA Fillers
R 3800. HA Filler into the G-spot
Pap Smear
R 550 for PAP smear (Liquid cytology) Dr Westcott can assist with a routine screening PAP Smear, at a cost of R 550, this does not include the laboratory costs. All other routine screening / general medical examinations still need to be done by your regular GP or gynaecologist. If the screening PAP smear is abnormal Dr Westcott will assist with the appropriate referral.
Intimal Area Chemical peeling
R 700 – 1200 / peel need 6 – 8 peels for ideal results. Add a Vaginal or Anal Brightening Serum R 955 for home care to continue your process of brightening at home. Can be used in combination with any vaginal rejuvenation treatments.