Chemical Peels… Not so Scary After all.

As a Therapist/Aesthetician, one of the most common questions that i have been asked is “What is a chemical peel?”, followed up with the statement, “that sounds super scary”. 

The terminology, “chemical peel”, sounds scary but if anything its far from it. It is my go to when it comes to correcting uneven skin tone, rough texture and persistent mild breakouts. So, to answer the frequently asked question: A chemical peel is simply an acidic agent with a low pH that is used on the skin to dehydrate the skin cells in order to increase cell turnover (exfoliation), allowing for new, healthy skin to appear at the surface of the body. While the technology behind the peels are constantly improving in order to ensure quality and safety, chemical peels are not new to the skin health industry. The Egyptians used abrasive tapes, sour milk and honey as skin masks which would have a “peel” effect allowing for skin cell turnover. Many more examples of peels can be found throughout history and has been adapted with each era as skin care advanced and became more of a priority.

Are peels natural? Alpha Hydroxy Acids are derived from fruit acids (organic) and are usually superficial (mild). Technologies can be added in order to enhance the peel penetration thus improving the benefits of the peel, however, these technologies differ between product houses. 

While the application and aftercare of the peels are the therapists responsibility, the treatment truly requires teamwork and efficient communication between therapist and client. It is the clients responsibility to follow the suggested home-care recommended by the therapist. Some of the most common home-care requirements include: wearing sunscreen, avoiding direct sunlight, avoid excessive heat immediately after a peel, avoid waxing or exfoliation for 72 hours, avoid picking or peeling skin flakes and avoid strenuous exercise for 24 hours. This is to enhance the benefits of the peel and to avoid unnecessary complications or injuries. 

Chemical peels have many benefits and can address a number of skin concerns. Some of the benefits include, smoothened texture, even skin tone, removing damaged skin cells, improve scarring and pigmentation and so much more. It is encouraged for patients to peel twice a month for optimum results however this will be communicated to you by your therapist and is different for every patient according to their skin condition. it may be combined with other treatments in order to address ones skin concerns as best as one can.

Now that you are reassured about this amazing treatment, we look forward to addressing your skin concerns at the Nu Youth aesthetic practice. Due to the treatments being so popular it is suggested to book in advance to secure an appointment, making a happier, healthier YOU.