NAD Plus Complex



Largavita  NADplus+ Complex

The LARGAVITA – NADplus+ Complex is a combination of nutraceuticals that supports healthy ageing and maintaining beautiful skin. Formulated with 3 unique complexes that each have a distinctive role:

  • Antioxidant Complex: To actively target free radicals and provide added protection against inflammation.
  • NAD+ Complex: To Enhance cell energy, protect DNA, boost collagen and improve skin hydration.
  • Detoxification Complex: To assist the livers regeneration and detoxifying processes.

This is a world’s first Nutraceutical combination with 19 active ingredients, present in three complexes, each with a distinctive goal to prolong healthy ageing. The NAD+ ingredient has scientifically been proven to inhibit and even reverse ageing.

Directions: One capsule to be taken in the morning with breakfast.